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26 March 2004

Have mercy on the criminal

Today, former Senator Gene Stipe will appear before the Oklahoma Public Employees Retirement System with the hope of persuading the trustees thereof that they should not cut his pension from $7042 per month to $1572.

Stipe, who resigned from the Senate after pleading guilty to Federal charges connected to the dubious Congressional campaign of Walt Roberts in 1998, was informed by OPERS that due to his criminal record, he would be required to forfeit much of the retirement pay he accumulated over 53 years of service.

Votes by the OPERS board are not generally made public, but I'd love to see what embattled Insurance Commissioner Carroll Fisher, a member of the board who is having problems of his own, has to say on the subject.

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Sheesh! Over $7,000 per month pension sure beats any Social Security payment. Did he win a war or something?

Posted by: Interested-Participant at 12:30 PM on 26 March 2004