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27 March 2004

The privates sector

It is an article of faith among conservatives and libertarians that anything private enterprise can do efficiently, government will do less so, and they'll point at the US Postal Service or Britain's National Health to hammer home the point.

But what's a rule without an exception? In Blue Summit, Missouri, a little unincorporated area between Kansas City and Independence, there's a strip mall, so to speak, called Erotic City, created by one Elvin L. Boone. Mr Boone, however, departed this world in the 1990s, and he did so before executing a will, so the Probate Court of Jackson County is operating the smut shops until such time as the property can be divided among his heirs. Inasmuch as Boone's eight children seem to be an uncooperative lot, working up a settlement has been difficult, and it perhaps hasn't helped that the Court, charged with being fair to everyone involved, has reportedly done a better job of running Erotic City than Boone himself did.

If all goes well, probate will be wound down some time this fall, and the county will be out of the sex business — though my daughter, who owns a home in Independence, looks at her property-tax bill and is convinced that she is being screwed by Jackson County.

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Posted at 9:52 AM to Dyssynergy

Well there is one thing government does excell at -- criminal activities. Granted, a smut shop isn't exactly a criminal business, but to hear the prudes around here tell it, it's close enough for... ummm... Government work :).


Posted by: Myria at 10:26 AM on 27 March 2004