The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

28 March 2004

Phried phish

The clown with the South African IP address (I suppose he himself could be just about anywhere) who bogused up a login screen for my online banking service did a pretty good job, designwise.

However, where he fell down was in his insistence that "In order to view this message your e-mail client must support HTML format." Wrong-O, Buffalo Bob. I don't read email in HTML format from anyone under any conditions, and actual email from the bank has always been sent in a plain-text version.

Once in a while someone who pulls a stunt like this gets caught, but basically, we're dealing with cockroaches here: if you see one, there are probably five hundred you don't see. It's probably impractical to stomp every last one of them. But there's no need to feed the little bastards.

Posted at 8:54 AM to Scams and Spams

Oh, feeding them can be fun. It's just *what* you feed them that counts. We have robot traps and poison honeypots, there must be some phish feeders out there. Want some online banking logons? Here, here's 500 of them. Bummer that they're all fake, huh?


Posted by: Myria at 10:04 AM on 28 March 2004