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29 March 2004

Spanners in the works

There's been no announcement yet, but something wrenchingly terrible apparently happened down on the server farm early this morning; pretty much everything has been nonfunctional at this end.

As the bumper sticker says, "Feces transpire."

Update, 1:30 pm: The announcement is out:

This morning we experienced a router failure that took down our network from approximately 2am - 10am PST. The cause of the failure is unknown at this time, but it appears to be hardware related. The backup router failed to take over the responsibilities of the failed primary router, resulting in a network brownout. We are further investigating both of these issues at the moment.

A fragile thing, this Web.

Update, 30 March, 4:00 pm: They've identified the culprit(s), and their hardware failure was precipitated by a distributed denial-of-service attack which apparently knew how to kill two routers. Dowingba publishes the final message sent to users — no need to repeat it here — and offers commentary of his own.

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