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30 March 2004

12 months/12,000 smiles

Laney is one year old

Laney celebrated her first birthday yesterday in grand style. (Well, actually, I don't think anyone spent a grand or anything, but she seems content, and a lot less spoiled than some grownups I know, if you know what I mean.) At this point, she's walking (if you hold her hand), and she's drinking out of an actual cup; tooth count, says proud mom, is three. My kids, of course, are decently cute, so it's only fair that their kids should be decently cute. I'm still wondering what happened to me.

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, sooooooooo cute! I'm sure you were just as cute when you were 1, Charles.

Posted by: Donna at 6:44 PM on 30 March 2004

Trust me, I wasn't.

And I've noticed that the picture for some reason doesn't display in Mozilla Firefox. Anyone else unable to see this ravishing babe? :)

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