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31 March 2004

What about Bob?

National Public Radio still hasn't explained to Susanna's satisfaction why Bob Edwards is being replaced:

The NPR management whines about the lack of flexibility in the Morning Edition format, and the fact that it repeats after its initial broadcast. How is that Edwards' fault? Sounds like a programming management issue to me. They especially natter about being caught flat-footed on 9/11 with their initial coverage, because Morning Edition was repeating. Again, how is that Edwards' fault? Is there some god-like edict he brought down from a mountain that prevented them from immediately switching to live coverage?

The fact is, Morning Edition is a two-hour show, though many stations (including the one here) do carry a four-hour feed, and I'm pretty sure there have been instances where something that was reported at, say, 6:19 had an update punched in at 8:19 — and, of course, there are five-minute news summaries on the hour and half-hour. (This being pledge week, read "five-minute" as "three-point-five-minute.")

Whatever the imagined problems with the format, they hardly seem like reason enough to blame Bob Edwards.

And a word to the wise, if any, at NPR: you don't want to cheese off Susanna:

It'll be interesting to see what happens. Perhaps their new show will be quite well done, and I'll like it. I'm not set against it on general principle. But NPR has lost a lot of my already truncated goodwill toward them with this stupidity, for no good reason that I can discern. And a little bit of me wants to see Bob Edwards vindicated (liberal as he is) by having this New Coke go as flat as the last one did.

Remind me to buy her a drink. And not a carbonated drink, either.

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