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31 March 2004

1040 or fight (part 2)

Forget the Ides of March; the Eternal Revenue Service hath decreed that we shall fear the Ides of April instead, and I, normally as proficient a procrastinator as you can find, assuming you find time to get around to look, finally decided to take care of this taxing situation.

I've been experimenting with alternative filing methods for years, but this year I think I've found my system of choice. I searched the government's FreeFile vendors, most of whom offer low or no-cost 1040s and cheap state returns to persons of moderate means, and I settled on, which has an interface which might almost qualify as intuitive and a reasonable (for the last day of March) amount of speed. Of course, I'd worked all the calculations on my own beforehand, so there were no surprises to be had, but I was pleased with this vendor, and the price — ten bucks for 1040EZ and Oklahoma 511 — was right.

Next year, to be sure, I'll have a more complicated return — 2004 will be the first year since 1981 (!) for which I'll actually itemize deductions — but I'm not likely to rise above their income threshold for reduced-price e-filing (Adjusted Gross Income of $54,000), so I expect I'll go back to them next spring.

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I can't remember the last time I did my own taxes. The Woman is an accountant, and she says mine's fun because it's so easy.

Terkish Payne, and that's how it is when you don't have a real job.

Posted by: Terkish Payne at 8:56 AM on 1 April 2004