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1 April 2004

The one where we break a story, maybe

Someone passed to me what is represented as "internal polling from CHS (Cole Hardgrave [sic] Snodgrass)" regarding the Republican candidates for the Senate seat currently held by the retiring Don Nickles. CHS is a real firm, once headed by Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK 4) — the other partners are Sharon Hargrave Caldwell and Deby Snodgrass — and while I can't think of any reason why anyone from CHS would leak things to me, I'm reprinting it here just to see what happens.

 40% - Tom Coburn
 25% - Kirk Humphreys
  9% - Bob Anthony
  2% - Linda Murphy

CHS is working on the Humphreys campaign, so they can't be particularly happy about these numbers.

(Linda Murphy, in case you've forgotten, was appointed Secretary of Education in the Keating administration — Democrats in the legislature refused to confirm her appointment — after having run unsuccessfully against Sandy Garrett for State Superintendent.)

Of course, not being a Republican, I can't vote in their primary. I will hazard the following speculations:

(1) I thought Kirk Humphreys was going to shrug off this Bass Pro thing — as Mayor of Oklahoma City, he pushed hard for the $18 million city subsidy to the chain to park a store in Bricktown — until Bass Pro let it be known that they were building a larger store in Broken Arrow, for which they got no subsidy whatsoever.

(2) Bob Anthony, the maverick of the Corporation Commission, may be too much of an iconoclast for Oklahoma Republicans.

(3) The same might be said of Tom Coburn, who has a tendency to resist suggestions that he "go along to get along."

The primary will be held 27 July; a lot can happen between now and then, and this being Oklahoma, something almost certainly will.

Posted at 1:53 PM to Soonerland

I got that same email, and it was before April 1. I haven't seen anything in the traditional press though. We must be special.

Posted by: Mike at 1:58 PM on 1 April 2004

Hmmm. "Well, Mike didn't mention it. Maybe we can get that other guy to spread it around."

I dunno. I don't feel particularly special.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:56 PM on 1 April 2004

Man, I quit blogging at the wrong time, and Cam leaves town. Those are damning numbers.

CHS is off their game, have been since the First Lady debacle in Tulsa.

An OK Political Rumors blog would be nice . . .

Posted by: Chris at 6:28 PM on 1 April 2004