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2 April 2004

Name that domicile

I have no reason to think I provided any inspiration, but Steve Gigl has decided to name his house.

And, with the ratio of fireplaces to chimneys an inexplicable 3:2, Chimneyhenge hews to a certain perverse sort of logic, don't you think?

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Upon reading Dustbury's article about naming his house Surlywood and how other people are now being inspired to do the same -- Steve Gigl has named his home Chimneyhenge -- I must admit, I too have named the house. Not......[read more]
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Actually, you probably *did* provide some inspiration, because I do remember reading that post.

Oh, and I'll reveal the secret here: a basement fireplace added to the same chimney as one of the upstairs ones. As for the 3 fireplaces... well, one of them was in an addition, if that's any excuse (really, we were only looking for a single fireplace).

Posted by: Steve Gigl at 8:10 PM on 2 April 2004

One of the houses I looked at on the way to buying this one had what I thought was an oddity: a fake fireplace that had been converted from a real one.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:17 PM on 2 April 2004

I used to live in a named house with weird features, too. A door with no room, and also a room without a door. The previous tenant was an artist who commited suicide. (Guaranteed the realtor wouldn't tell you that little fact first thing)

Terkish Payne, funny, it was a $50,000 house in 1977, $85,000 in 1981..

Posted by: Terkish Payne at 10:31 PM on 2 April 2004

Some of the pundits tell us that we're in a real-estate bubble, that all these prices, especially the really outlandish ones on the Coasts, are about to collapse big time. I'm not so sure.

I suspect, though I can't prove it, that in 1995 someone was killed in the apartment I took over in 1996 (and vacated in 2003). Don't ask.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:40 PM on 2 April 2004

If the animal rights people are right, all human living spaces are haunted -- if only by the termites and silverfish killed by pest-control chemicals, and the odd house spider stepped on in the kitchen.

Posted by: McGehee at 6:53 AM on 3 April 2004

BTW, a fireplace-to-chimney ratio of 3:2 is far more explicable than one of 2:3.

Posted by: McGehee at 6:54 AM on 3 April 2004

A coworker of mine who moved into her very first house dubbed it "Sally". Said it just looked like a "Sally" to her.

What do I know, I don't even name my pet fish.

Posted by: CT at 8:42 PM on 5 April 2004