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2 April 2004

The pushing of the Christ

What a visual Donna conjures up here:

Tonight is Audra's play. She plays a leper in Jesus Christ Superstar! She is also in the chorus. I am looking forward to going, mainly because she told me that the guy playing Jesus is somewhat overweight and they struggle to get him up on the cross. The band actually puts down their instruments and helps hoist him up.

Now I'm not a fan of the usual ethereal, wan, almost wussy characterization of Christ that shows up in entirely too much Western art and semi-art, but this adds a whole new, um, dimension to Mark 15:31.

"He saved others, himself he cannot save," indeed.

Addendum: On a scale of 35 to 98, rate the probability that I will burn in hell for this post.

Update, 3 April, 4:20 pm: She went, and she's reevaluated the guy playing the lead:

As it turns out, he was just broad and husky. I had visions of Meat Loaf circa 1976 up on the cross, his big belly obscuring the loincloth. That was not the case. This Jesus was just big-boned.

Still: Meat Loaf? Donna, I'm crazy about you, but you're scaring me.

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TrackBacks if any:

You will not burn in Hell. However, you will spend 30 years in Purgatory on the Atkins Diet, and you will not lose an ounce.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 5:44 AM on 3 April 2004

I will refrain from making reference to substituting lug bolts for those puny nails. It's getting on toward thunderstorm season and, well...

Posted by: McGehee at 6:56 AM on 3 April 2004

I'll give you 44 for now - but I will have to wait for your description of how everything went to decide for sure;)

Posted by: Hot Abercrombie Chick at 7:45 AM on 3 April 2004

For this post, 55; for all the other posts, 85-89.


Posted by: Tom at 8:47 AM on 3 April 2004

Goodness, it you are going to burn in hell from your post, I'd hate to think where I will end up at!

Posted by: Donna at 9:45 PM on 3 April 2004

New Jersey?

Posted by: CGHill at 9:50 PM on 3 April 2004

:-) Camden.

Posted by: Donna at 11:34 AM on 4 April 2004