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5 April 2004

Contemporary methology

Lynn S. heard the big BOOM, and — well, let her tell you:

A short time later three police cars and a fire truck came flying up the road in front of our house. If we were betting folks we'd all be betting it was a meth lab. We don't see any suspicious fire or smoke anywhere though.

Might have been. Meth labs are second only to wind in terms of sheer ubiquity in these parts; a couple weeks ago they found one operating out of a hotel room on Route 66, about three-quarters of a mile from me. Nothing was blown up, but the mere presence of the damned thing was disconcerting. For all I know, there may be another one by now.

The state thinks they can curb the industry — and let's face it, by now it's big enough to be considered an industry — by restricting sales of products containing pseudoephedrine, a common base ingredient in meth. Wishful thinking, say I.

Posted at 7:55 AM to Soonerland

Guess I won't be moving to Oklahoma. I don't need Sudafed very often, but when I need it, I gotta have it.

And frankly, I'd rather get it at Eckerd or Walgreen's, than on some seedy, rundown street corner from someone who's either an undercover cop or going to shoot me for my stereo.

Or both.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:23 PM on 5 April 2004

Walgreen's, anyway. JCPenney announced today they were selling off the Eckerd's chain, and stores out here will become CVS stores. (The remaining Eckerd's will be in the Northeast, and will be Canadian-owned.)

Eckerd's, at least the one I used to go to on the east side, had this persistent knack of taking four days to refill a prescription called in to their automated service — not because the service bungled it, but because some doofus forgot to reorder the damned drug. I have since started taking my scripts to the supermarket.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:36 PM on 5 April 2004

Interesting. Crystal meth seems to be the upper of choice in the Heartland, while the Left and Right Coasts are sticking with crack cocaine.

I predict that, for once, the Heartland will export their trend rather than the other way around. All forms of coke require a NAFTA-like international network that can be occasionally disrupted, while meth is a home-grown, grass-roots phenom.

Posted by: The Proprietor at 9:56 AM on 6 April 2004

JCPenney announced today they were selling off the Eckerd's chain, and stores out here will become CVS stores.

Well, that'll be interesting if it works out that way here -- there are several locations where an Eckerd and a CVS are just across the street from one another. The nearest Walgreen's, on the other hand, is a good 20 miles or more. They've been building 'em like crazy in neighboring counties, but not a one yet here in Coweta.

Posted by: McGehee at 4:35 PM on 6 April 2004

Around here, for the past couple of years, if an Eckerd's was built, it was almost certain that there'd be a Walgreen's on that intersection in a year or less. For a while there, we had more drug stores than drug dealers.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:53 PM on 6 April 2004

With our current prescription drug plan if I walk into a drug store and fill a script I can only get a 30 day supply and there is a $60. annual deductible.

For the same co-payment however I can mail the prescription in and receive a 90 day supply and there is no deductible.

Dr.'s are usually quite happy to give you enough samples to hold you until the mail-in arrives.

Posted by: ms7168 at 5:41 AM on 7 April 2004