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5 April 2004

It's better by half

Ford is coming under fire in Britain for an attempt at viral marketing in which the sunroof of the SportKa minicar, in the process of closing, decapitates a cat.

According to Ford, this campaign and a similar one showing a pigeon smacking into the hood were developed and promptly rejected for reasons of taste; they have no idea how they were leaked to the Net.

Ads for GM's Vauxhall unit have already attacked the Ford spots as "acts of such blatant cruelty in a desperate attempt to sell cars."

Posted at 11:30 AM to Driver's Seat

Okay, let's back up a minute here.

People are upset because this thing has gotten out on the Internet. Or they're upset because it was made. But you wanna know what bothers me?

That somebody came up with the idea in the first place. And wasn't immediately committed for psychiatric evaluation.

Anybody knows if you're going to depict cruelty to animals it has to be one or both of the Quizno's spongemonkeys. Would it sell sandwiches, you ask? Who cares? I just want them hurt.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:28 PM on 5 April 2004