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6 April 2004

Here I am, stuck in the middle

Occasionally I complain about clowns to the left of me. Lynn would like you to know about jokers to the right:

[W]e have moonbats here in Oklahoma but, unlike most of the rest of the country they are of the Right-wing variety, not the Left. Now I'm not talking about ordinary Christians here — I'm talking about serious moonbattery. According to these people the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and absolutely anything to do with Halloween is not merely harmless, meaningless fun for the kids; it's Evil. Even if the kids have no idea that the Easter Bunny is really a pagan fertility symbol, having fun with the Easter Bunny, Easter egg hunts and so forth is still a mortal sin. Nothing. But. Evil! Period. (Come to think of it, just about anything fun is a mortal sin).

There was a flap some years back about a Tulsa Union student alleged to be a witch; for the life of me I can't understand why she didn't turn the lot of them into newts.

Lynn continues:

My theory is that the closer you get to Oral Roberts University the higher the concentration of Right-wing moonbats. ORU is located in Tulsa so there are more RWMb's in Tulsa and the surrounding area. In other words, ORU is to the Right what Berkeley is to the Left.

I remember attending a science-fiction con in Tulsa at a hotel opposite ORU, complete with Society of Creative Anachronism displays on the lawn; passersby, observing the jousting, alternated between appalled and actually frightened. "You'd think," I said, gesturing towards Oral's Prayer Tower, "they'd appreciate the medieval around here."

In Oklahoma City, where I now live, our moonbats work on policy, not on philosophy: the poster child is probably Rep. Bill Graves. Proximity to Graves is probably harmful to one's higher brain functions; fortunately, I don't live in his district, and he'll be term-limited into oblivion soon enough.

Posted at 8:28 AM to Soonerland

hi i am a joker to the right

Posted by: xuxa at 9:00 AM on 6 April 2004

I had a minor disagreement with our school district when they sent home a note saying devils, witches and ghosts were not appropriate School Halloween Day costumes. I let them know that since they were going to be dumb, go all the way, and that there had better not be any angels or prophets there either.

They cancelled the event. *sigh* I guess that was easier than pulling their collective heads out.

Posted by: Ted at 10:03 AM on 6 April 2004

Oh, there's serious left wing moonbattery a'plenty here in the Sooner state. Like most things, moonbattery is in the eye of the beholder.

Posted by: Jefferson park at 10:43 AM on 6 April 2004

Rhema, and now Church on the Move are centers of moonbattery as well. Opps.. almost forgot Victory Christian and Grace Felowship... I'm in teh moonbattery triangle!

Higher Dimensions has gotten better now that Pearson has become more inclusive, thank god for that!

Posted by: bruce at 12:58 PM on 6 April 2004

I'm in teh moonbattery triangle!

When you move, I'm betting so does it. ;-)

Posted by: McGehee at 4:49 PM on 6 April 2004

. . . for the life of me I can't understand why she didn't turn the lot of them into newts.

She did.

They got better.

Posted by: Phil at 7:26 PM on 6 April 2004

;-) funny man!

Posted by: bruce at 12:53 AM on 7 April 2004