The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

6 April 2004

It's an honor just to be nauseated

To anyone who was pleased that the Los Angeles Times picked up five Pulitzer Prizes, the second-largest single haul in the award's history — I think we can safely say that the cheering section won't include Xrlq or Patterico — I remind you:

You can't spell "Pulitzer" without "putz."

Oh, yes, The Oklahoman got one once. In 1939. For editorial cartoons (by the late Charles G. Werner). Don't hold your breath waiting for the second.

Posted at 2:58 PM to Dyssynergy

With the Times as poster child, the Oklahoman probably doesn't want one.


Posted by: Dan at 4:53 PM on 6 April 2004

Call me Putz. I think the Times is better than most, even with the spin. And I'll even go so far as to say the Oklahoman is getting better. Of course, which other way could they go?

Posted by: Mike at 9:10 PM on 6 April 2004