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9 April 2004

The street from hell

Normally traffic accidents, even fatal traffic accidents, fall outside the purview of this site.

But this one, well, it bothered me, mostly because 26 years ago, I actually lived at SE 29th and Vickie Drive, and that intersection was Crash City even then: there's an elevation difference between the two roadways that makes blind spots almost inevitable, and traffic on 29th is always trying to make all the lights, of which there are an abundance. If you're crossing 29th on Vickie, you basically have to climb out of a hole and hope nothing hits you as you crawl across five lanes.

Come to think of it, all the major intersections on Vickie are hazardous. At SE 15th, you must turn: you have to duck under the I-40 overpass for about 800 feet, and wait out at least one, maybe two lights, before you can continue. At Reno, you have a one-way stop sign and a blind spot, and the northbound extension is barely even visible. And at NE 10th, you're fair game for petroleum tankers. (I got crushed by one once, albeit two miles away.)

Back in October, when I was looking to get out of my old apartment, I actually drove the entire length of this street sizing up possible locations. What was I thinking?

Posted at 7:36 PM to City Scene

If you remember, Vickie is also crooked. At 29th St. it's offset slightly. It's quite challenging for opposing drivers turning left. And that whole mess that comes together at the 15th intersection! Jeesh!

Still, the resulting death from that accident surprises me as the speed limit is only 30 or 35mph along there. Shall we assume it was because a Suburban was involved?

Posted by: Mike at 8:27 PM on 9 April 2004

Well, Chevzilla certainly has a weight advantage over most other vehicles, but I'd be really surprised if she was going 35; traffic along that stretch tends to move along in the middle 40s unless there is major congestion or a visible patrol car.

Not that things are so much saner on the northwest side. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 8:57 PM on 9 April 2004

Hell, *every* corner near a bus stop is a traffic accident waiting to happen. I drive a lowish car, and those &^@#* benches with advertisements are always &^#*@ aligned for maximum saturation, and making it im-&^%@#&^-possible to see the oncoming &^@%#&^% cars without driving halfway into the ^%@#&^ road. Oh sure, I know this is Oklahoma, and everyone is supposed to be driving a pickup truck that sits a mile in the air, but I don't live on a *&^@#*& farm, and I don't tote bags O feed to the stock...

Terkish *&#^$*& Payne, and you can quote me on that.

Posted by: Terkish Payne at 1:26 AM on 10 April 2004

oops, forgot to mention that the signs are a pain when you're pulling out of a convenience store or something on a corner, and not actually in the roadway itself...

Terkish Payne, this space is intentionally left blank.

Posted by: Terkish Payne at 1:28 AM on 10 April 2004

Vickie Drive...what kind of dumb name is that for a street?

Posted by: Vickie at 5:40 AM on 10 April 2004

You have to assume that someone involved with the development of the area had some connection to a person of this name; Del City itself is named for founder George Epperly's daughter Delaphene. (There's an Epperly Drive two blocks west of Vickie.)

The closest Oklahoma City proper comes to this is Victoria Drive, which runs west, then south, from about 8000 South Pennsylvania Avenue. (I know this because the parental units lived just west of there.)

Posted by: CGHill at 10:33 AM on 10 April 2004