The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

12 April 2004

Gathered from coincidence?

Dylan doing spots for Victoria's Secret? It was so foretold nearly four decades ago, by Zimmerman himself. Paul Bryant reports to the Spectropop list:

In a December 1965 Dylan press conference, Allen Ginsburg (from the audience) sneaks in one question with a cheesy grin on his face (it's on the video): "If you were going to sell out to a commercial concern, what would it be?" Dylan retorts straightaway and straight-faced, "Ladies' garments." Ginsburg alone cracks up as the assembled journalists just sit there.

But he was so much older then; he's younger than that now.

Posted at 5:42 PM to Dyssynergy

I saw that ad the other day and was really surprised. 1. Bob Dylan? 2. Singing for women's underwear? and 3. (This is the oddest one) He kinda looks good! Bob Dylan!?!?!?!!?!?! I have to admit that the ad is successful because if I ever find any Vicky's Secret underwear at TJMaxx-- I'm buying it!!! ;-)

Posted by: donna at 8:39 PM on 12 April 2004