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12 April 2004

Down to Topic Z

Srah has been blogging for almost two and a half years, and she wonders if maybe the well is running dry:

How do I still have things to talk about? How can one person have so many pointless memories and experiences that she doesn't eventually run out of things to talk about or just start telling the same story over and over again?

And more importantly, why are you people still here? The end will come some day, won't it? Is there a limit to memory and human experience? Do you want to be there when it all starts to go downhill?

And miss a train wreck? Never. Why, I might want to blog about it.

Slightly more seriously: I've been known to repeat myself — what's more, I've been known to repeat myself — but it's always a new day every morning, even if it sucks just as badly as the previous [fill in number of consecutive sucky days]. Besides, think of the nasty mail you'll get if you don't post anything.

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