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16 April 2004

Q-tip of the day

H. Allen Smith wrote often about writers and their occasional foibles, and one of the writers he memorialized was a chap with the improbable name of Castro Tinklepaugh who was working on a series about Native Americans on the prairie, somehow got sidetracked halfway through, and wound up doing what may be the definitive study of cerumen among the indigenous people of the continent.

Cerumen, in case you missed Grossology, is more commonly known as earwax.

And sometimes, though I admit I hadn't noticed and Dr Tinklepaugh didn't address the issue directly — he was more concerned with viscosity and adhesion — the stuff comes in different colors.

(Via Swirlspice; Erica must be wondering why she ever brought this up in the first place.)

Posted at 7:39 AM to General Disinterest

Earwax as lip balm??? I'll never look at Chap-Stik the same way again.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:42 AM on 16 April 2004