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16 April 2004

Pedal to the metal

Having been warned by hln, I spun some fairly boisterous tunes on today's commute, with the following results:

"Kick Out the Jams", MC5: 14 mph over speed limit
"Happenings Ten Years Time Ago", Yardbirds: 10 mph over
"7 and 7 Is", Love: 9 mph over
"Get Me to the World on Time", Electric Prunes: 7 mph over
"Purple Haze", Jimi Hendrix: 5 mph over
"Sugar and Spice", Cryan' Shames (control): 2 mph over

I'm thinking that on the next road trip, Enya stays home.

Posted at 5:31 PM to Tongue and Groove

Led Zeppelin's "Rock & Roll" has always been good for >20 mph over whenever I've got it cranked up. I remember one trip to Florida we were going thru Georgia doing 90 in a 55. Damn, that felt good!

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip at 7:32 PM on 16 April 2004

Probably explains why Cadillac licensed it to advertise its new, less-stodgy line.

On the other hand, I'd be more likely to speed trying to get out of Florida, myself.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:00 PM on 16 April 2004

For me today it was Hella Good and a bunch of stuff from Rob Dougan, including Furious Angels and Speed Me Towards Death. I think I understand why the British chose to study such a thing. So nicely academic.


Posted by: hln at 9:47 PM on 16 April 2004

I wonder how Sammy Hagar's now-ancient "I can't drive 55" would rate...


Posted by: Myria at 8:19 AM on 17 April 2004

I didn't bring it along, but I know when it's playing there is an imperceptible increase in pedal pressure — which, after a few seconds, becomes perceptible.

Oddly enough, the last time it came on in the car, I was buzzing around surface streets so crowded I couldn't drive 55 then if I wanted to.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:39 AM on 17 April 2004