The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

17 April 2004

Beat around the Bush

In 1964, the Mar-Keys, who had scored one of the first hits for the Satellite (later Stax) label with the ferocious yet laid-back "Last Night", failed to make any chart noise with their single "Bush Bash" (Stax 156).

Forty years later, it occurs to me: In the unlikely event that this record — an instrumental, in case you were wondering — should be played on the radio, does it qualify as a political statement subject to election laws?

Chris Bopst, no friend of the current Administration, apparently did play this record on his Richmond radio show one day last month. I don't think it's likely he got any negative feedback for so doing — I certainly wouldn't have given him any — but I'm wondering (since I missed the station stream) just how he introduced the tune.

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