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19 April 2004

Never happen again

I've quoted the Shangri-Las' "Past, Present and Future" a few times in my lifetime, mainly because its words (you can't call them "lyrics," really, since they're not sung) are so odd, yet so apt, that they fit very much into a lifetime as odd as my own.

This is the heart of the matter:

Was I ever in love?
I called it love.
I mean, it felt like love.
There were moments when....
Well, there were moments when.

My first (some may say last) Moment When was thirty-five years ago today.

And quite apart from the heinousness of their crime, I will never forgive Messrs. McVeigh and Nichols, and any of their friends and acquaintances who may have been involved, for displacing a good memory by a horrifying one.

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Just saying hi. Very moving post(s) in the "peeling of the onion."

Posted by: Juliette at 1:05 AM on 20 April 2004