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20 April 2004

Round up the usual supporting players

A perfectly obvious statement by Tim Cavanaugh:

[T]he incidental stuff is almost always the most enjoyable thing about a movie. Second bananas, supporting parts, cameos, villains, and comic reliefs, being spared the burden of carrying the picture, get more time to pull gags and chew scenery. That's why actors like to play those parts, and why audiences enjoy watching them.

Among other things, Cavanaugh was thinking of Casablanca, where Bogart's Rick is justly revered, but it's Claude Rains' Captain Renault who has proven over the years to be the most quotable.

And when they put together a Caddyshack tribute page, they didn't name it after Ty Webb (the Chevy Chase character); it's, an acknowledgment of the fact that Bill Murray, billed fifth, towers over this movie like the Dalai Lama himself.

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"So I've got THAT goin' for me, too."

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip at 10:57 AM on 20 April 2004