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26 April 2004

I tell you, it's a talent

As though the World's Smallest Instalanche™ wasn't tribute enough, today I get traffic from Lileks without actually being linked by Lileks. (No, I won't explain it; it's pretty clear once you read the Bleat in question. This is the page referenced by reference, so to speak.)

Now if I could just draw some unwarranted attention from [fill in name of female blogger] — but no, let's not get silly here.

(With thanks to Dan Lovejoy, who tipped me off.)

Posted at 11:02 AM to Blogorrhea

You are welcome, friend. I'll be curious to see how many folks actually click through. That has got to be the longest Bleat in history.

Posted by: Dan at 3:28 PM on 26 April 2004

As of 3:30, six hundred sixteen.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:30 PM on 26 April 2004


Posted by: Dan at 10:58 PM on 26 April 2004