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28 April 2004

He's our dear old weatherman

Matt Deatherage acknowledges the permanent appointment of Rich Fields to the announcer position on The Price Is Right, and quotes this bit from Fields' CV:

Fields, who was most recently the weatherman at KPSP, CBS-2 in Palm Springs, California, is the show's third announcer in its 32-year history on the CBS Television Network.

Weather, of course, is trivial in southern California, where it never rainsL.A. Story's weatherman Harris K. Telemacher (Steve Martin) actually prerecorded his forecasts for weeks at a time — but peppy TV-personality types won't last six minutes doing the weather in Oklahoma. Says Deatherage:

[P]eople here will not accept a "weatherman" who is not a meteorologist. Weather, and particularly severe weather, are way too important to leave to entertainers. The concept of a weatherman becoming a game show announcer (Fields), or host (Pat Sajak), or talk show host (David Letterman) just makes us wonder what the hell is wrong with you people that you'd let comedians interpret the weather good grief don't you have any common sense at all????

On the other hand, God forbid Gary England should try to crack a joke.

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He wouldn't last six seconds. Six minutes is the difference between life and death in tornado alley.

When the sirens go off, I feel a lot better with one of our superb local meteorlogists on the TV. Especially since I'm partially responsible for the safety of 1400 kids. (Well, young adults, but we think of them as our kids)

Posted by: Dan at 3:11 PM on 28 April 2004