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29 April 2004

Oh, and a Diet Pepsi, please

The first Saturday of May in El Reno marks the return of the World's Largest Onion-Fried Burger.

For a century or so, there's always been someone in El Reno vending sandwiches of this sort, and for the last fifteen years, the city has been capitalizing on this small-scale fame by putting together each year an onion burger to end all onion burgers. The Burgerzilla is about 8½ feet in diameter and, including buns and (of course) onions, weighs around 750 lb; mere Quarter-Pounders don't stand a chance.

Lots of events accompany the unveiling (and consumption) of the Big Burger, and if the weather is even slightly cooperative, about 25,000 folks will get a piece of the, um, action.

(Update, 1 May, 4:30 pm: This is one of those days they call "breezy," which means that the wind will blow your car door shut about half a second before you've actually cleared the sill, but there was a smidgen of sunshine, and it was possible to get a whiff of the whopper Monster Burger from blocks away. Johnnie's, the downtown eatery and keeper of the flame, as it were, cleared its parking lot and set up tables and chairs; I didn't look for out-of-state plates, but I figure that any day this town swells to twice its normal size, however briefly, counts as a success for the Travel and Tourism folks.)

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