The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

2 May 2004

Tales of the unexpectable

Things I didn't expect to encounter, but did, this very day:

A shrinking price gap between 87-octane gasoline and the ostensible premium (91) grade. It used to be about a quarter; now it's down around twenty cents. I'm thinking, what with prices increasing, that nobody around here wants to be the first on the corner with two-dollar premium while the "cheap" stuff hovers around $1.759.

Vinyl siding on Dear Old Dad's place. I always thought he hated that stuff. Then again, at seventy-seven (next month), he probably hates the thought of painting even more.

A cover version of Liz Phair's "H.W.C." By a, you should pardon the expression, boy band, yet. (Damned good, too.)

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Several years ago, a band I was in in Cleveland opened up for a pop-punk act called Muzzle, who were briefly signed to Warner Brothers. Real nice guys, too. Anyway, their live set contained, much to my surprise and delight, a cover of Liz's "Fuck and Run." And they resisted the temptation to switch the genders, which would have made for some less-than-savory sexual politics.

Too bad for Liz -- she's gone from female empowerment and Lilith Fair to the Chicks With Attitude tour.

Posted by: Phil at 9:24 AM on 3 May 2004