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4 May 2004

Suppository sombreros

In terms of terms of opprobrium, one of the most useful is the vernacular term for a certain bodily orifice possessed by all and viewed negatively by most. Use of this term, like the object whose name it borrowed, is pretty universal; George W. Bush once used it to describe a New York Times reporter.

Eventually some people tired of the term — let's face it, the word gets lots of use — and variations were tried; arguably the most successful was "asshat," popularized by, among others, Rachel Lucas and Fark. Not only did it share a substantial number of letters with its parent, but it managed to evoke a chuckle or two even as it vilified the person to whom it was applied.

But now even "asshat" is being gentrified. Laura at Oddly Normal has described certain minions of the Nanny State as "rectal milliners, the lot of them," and just yesterday, Robert Prather at Insults Unpunished said of Ted Koppel: "Add him to the list of those wearing rectal chapeaus."

Who knows where this derrière derby will end?

Posted at 7:04 AM to Blogorrhea

Buttock berets? Posterior tiaras? Hat-orrhoids?

Posted by: McGehee at 10:56 AM on 4 May 2004

Rump caps? Fecal Fedoras?

Posted by: paulsmos at 11:18 AM on 4 May 2004

Oh my, and does not all of that banter about the novelty of word play make you a joyful bunch of cunning linguists?

Now, admittedly, that was too clever to have wasted on a comment. ;)

Posted by: Bird Brain at 4:05 PM on 4 May 2004

I see no wrong with the use of the term ass as Mary rode one on her way to giving birth to Jesus on one and the Democratic party chose such to be their National symbol. On nearly every occasion someone uses that term in reference to a person, they seem to be referring to a Democrat, do they not?

Posted by: notGeorge at 5:46 PM on 4 May 2004

Indeed; perhaps as an economy measure, Mary rode Joseph's ass all the way to Bethlehem.

It is, I think, an indication of something — what it is ain't exactly clear — that neither of our Major Parties has chosen a cute and/or cuddly creature for retail-level symbolism. (Yes, I've seen plush elephants who were sorta cuddly, and there is no shortage of people with a cute ass, but the point stands.)

Posted by: CGHill at 6:43 PM on 4 May 2004

Hmmm. The Fuzzy Cuddly Bunny Party might have some difficulty intimidating Osama bin Laden.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:01 AM on 5 May 2004