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5 May 2004

The benefactor factor

Over the past few years, National Public Radio received a fair chunk of change from Archer Daniels Midland, an agribusiness conglomerate which regularly comes in for criticism from the sort of people who listen to National Public Radio. I don't think that ADM was necessarily trying to buy NPR's silence, but their presence in the listing of supporters sounded somehow peculiar, and lately it seems to have disappeared.

In the absence of ADM, Wal-Mart has been kicking in some heavy dollars to NPR, which has run rather a lot of news pieces which could be construed as critical of the retail giant; even Jeffrey Dvorkin, the NPR ombudsman, has felt compelled to justify taking Wal-Mart's money to aggrieved listeners.

Now if we could just get the real story behind Jennifer and Ted Stanley.

Posted at 4:46 PM to Overmodulation

If Wal-Mart thinks for a second that contributions to NPR would in any way get them to be less leftist, they are sadly and completely mistaken. Often, NPR seems to be nothing but a politically palatable satellite of IndyMedia.

Posted by: Interested-Participant at 5:08 PM on 6 May 2004

Meh. Wal-Mart didn't need that money anyway....

About the only support Wal-Mart will get from me is my suffering through the periodic announcement of their sponsorship on NPR.

Posted by: Erica at 10:34 AM on 9 May 2004