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6 May 2004

Guns R Us

Governor Henry signed Senate Joint Resolution 54 today, which calls for the Department of Commerce to work together with Murray State College in Tishomingo — which, coincidentally, offers an Associates degree with gunsmithing specialization — to come up with incentives to attract manufacturers of firearms to the Sooner State.

Senator Jay Paul Gumm (D-Durant) explains the rationale:

This is a multi-billion dollar industry. But those high-dollar manufacturing jobs are in states where those companies aren't even wanted. There are 75 major firearm manufacturers with facilities in 12 states. I think if we get the word out about what we have to offer in terms of education programs and economic development incentives, we could bring some of those jobs here.

The OkiePundit is not particularly impressed:

Focusing on attracting a few gun manufacturers may or may not be a worthwhile economic development strategy but the important point to remember is that the Legislature should be focused on establishing strategic objectives in conjunction with Commerce but not micromanaging to the point of passing unfunded mandates requiring Commerce to redirect its meager resources to pet projects. Perhaps semiconductor chip plants or aerospace companies would be a better target for the recruitment effort — but with the dolts at the Legislature consumed with gunsmithing and gay marriage the economic development resources of the state can't be expected to take priority.

And Commerce, with its "meager resources," is somehow going to be able to land a semiconductor foundry or a defense plant? (Admittedly, gay marriage gets a lot of press around here, but it's utterly irrelevant to this discussion except to the extent that a cheap shot was needed.)

I doubt much of anything will happen with SJR 54, but I plan to be amused if some gun maker does announce plans to open a facility here and the Usual Suspects chime in with "Well, we need jobs, but not these jobs."

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