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8 May 2004

Job security

Normally, Page Three of The Oklahoma Observer is where Frosty Troy gets snippy.

And once in a great while, he goes way beyond that, as he did in the 10 May issue:

The new NRA online talk show will feature Cam Edwards, formerly of OKC's KTOK. When he's not on the microphone, he will be changing Charlton Heston's bedpan.


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Do I detect just the faintest note of envy in Frosty's words? Or perhaps a whole symphony?

Perhaps he's been studying under Kevin Drum.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 8:43 AM on 9 May 2004

You mean that fool is still around? I thought he had gone the way of all the other old socialist idiots.

Posted by: Okiebert at 8:31 PM on 10 May 2004