The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

9 May 2004

Speed is of the essence

But not too much speed, evidently.

The previous item linked back to two TypePad blogs; TrackBacks were duly sent to both. Only one got through, and this curt missive appeared in the log:

You are posting Trackbacks too quickly. Please try again in a couple of minutes.

By "a couple," they mean "four or five," because trying again in two minutes generated the same response.

Of course, will refuse a ping from this entry because it's within half an hour of the last one.

Posted at 10:00 AM to Blogorrhea

TypePad is scarcely without bugs, although from Day One it has been very reliable with rarely a glitch. Which is an interesting comparison to another start-up, let's say, in the radio business...

Posted by: The Proprietor at 10:29 AM on 9 May 2004