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9 May 2004

Meanwhile, the Amish spurn Kia

Aaron Robinson of Car and Driver (June '04) detects mixed signals from the Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG:

The E55's oversize wheels, quadraphonic tailpipes, and tasteful sill skirts beckon discerning adults looking for warp-speed wa-hoos! But the murky interior is about restraint. It's all black, as if a coal shaft had collapsed around you. Even the wood trim is stained the color of soot. The only dazzle allowed is the silver gauge fascia and a few razor-thin chrome streaks on the dash. The apparent message: With horsepower comes equivalent responsibility. The E55 is the supercar for Lutherans.


I remember when C/D said of some Honda (probably an Accord) that its primary appeal would be to Presbyterians. I'm not a wild and crazy guy myself, but I have no reason to think that either denomination is utterly devoid of wack-job gearheads.

And come to think of it, the E55, besides being about three times beyond any conceivable automotive budget I might have, inverts my own particular desiderata: while I don't want some blindingly-flashy Atari dash, I'd much rather have the bucks spent on spiffing up the interior than on a bunch of obvious Arrest Me parts for the outside.

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