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13 May 2004

A man and his dreams

Like most people, I have a list of Dreams Unfulfilled; once in a blue moon — well, actually, I'm now averaging one every other year, which is better than I had any reason to expect — I manage to cross one off.

The automotive section of this list has been kept deliberately small, mostly to dissuade me from assuming mountains of debt in pursuit of something thereupon. Still, I've gotten back into road-trip mode, something I gave up too many years ago; I've actually driven a Maserati (okay, it was a Quattroporte, but it's a lot more of a Maser than that godawful Chrysler thing); I've seen Duesenbergs in the flesh sheet metal; and one strange week in Los Angeles, I drove both Dead Man's Curve (what's left of it, anyway) and Mulholland Drive.

However, I have never, ever seen a Tucker.

Preston Tucker never managed to get series production started on his rear-engined marvel back in 1948, and only 51 cars were built on the pilot production line. But forty-seven of them are still around, and one of them (serial #1043, if you're keeping score) sold at auction this past January for $495,000. There isn't a chance I'll ever get any seat time in any Tucker, but see one I shall, some day.

(Hmmm. 1948 again. Regular readers will remember that Surlywood was built in that mysterious year, five years before my birth. What other secrets have been waiting for me these five and a half decades?)

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I think all of the still-in-existance cars were used in the movie.

Posted by: unimpressed at 11:06 PM on 13 May 2004

Go visit Coppolla's winery. He owns several.

And, yes, all 47 showed up in the parade at the end of the film.

Posted by: The Proprietor at 6:45 AM on 14 May 2004