The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

16 May 2004

16 trees, and whaddya get?

When I bought this place last year, I was aware that one of the prices paid for the premises, in addition to two-point-something years' salary, was the necessity of doing yard work. And while I don't much enjoy it, it does get me out in the sun once in a while, and it does provide me with some worthwhile (they tell me) exercise.

On the other hand, Velociman sees no such upside with his purchase.

Posted at 4:23 PM to Surlywood

But just think, you can sue the seller and the real estate agent when, inevitably, all that time in the sun gives you skin cancer.

And here you didn't think buying a house would finance your retirement...


Posted by: Myria at 5:10 PM on 16 May 2004

Actually, skin cancer, considering some of the ailments I could be contracting, seems well-nigh benign in comparison.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:56 PM on 16 May 2004