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22 May 2004

Ne plus ultra

What are you doing here? There's a new Bill Whittle essay, and it's better than anything he's ever written.

Except, of course, for its second half.

I'll quote you half a paragraph, but by the time it's over, you'd better be over at Bill's reading the whole thing:

Sam Houston was a deeply flawed man, but he had thick skin and that in itself goes a long way when you are planning deep. Sam Houston didn't give a tinker's damn about Glory or Honor. Sam Houston wanted Texas. Like the equally wily and patient George Washington before him, Sam Houston wanted to win. And they did win. And that is why there will be no major metropolitan area named Kerry.

Posted at 4:47 PM to Blogorrhea

It took a minute to make out that in the excerpt Bill uses the word "Honor" to mean something different from "honor," which I gather he would say Houston and Washington did care about.

"Honor" -- for those in Rio Linda -- might best be translated as "honors," which is to "honor" what "vainglory" (see "Glory") is to "glory."

Have I cleared that up, or not?

Posted by: McGehee at 6:46 PM on 22 May 2004

Not to mention the Islamowack concept of "honor," which basically demands that you do things which in civilized countries, sometimes even in France, are considered utterly criminal, just to save face before Allah.

The problem with excerpting, I suppose: you lose a smidgen (or more) of context. It's a matter of historical record, though, that Sam Houston wasn't particularly interested in seeing a parade to glorify him, or an Institute of Technology named after him.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:55 PM on 22 May 2004

And anyway, I wanted to quote that Kerry remark; it dovetailed nicely with a thought I had today while I was zipping through The Village (a suburb about my age, surrounded by the city), which has a street, maybe four blocks, called "Kerry Lane". I wonder, I thought, how many of the residents are going to vote for GWB?

There's a Bush Creek Road (just now being occupied) way to the east, near my former digs; the opposite question applies there.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:59 PM on 22 May 2004

wha? Non-sequitur?

Posted by: bruce at 11:49 PM on 22 May 2004

We've got his pendant blinking. If we keep it up maybe he'll shut down.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:03 AM on 23 May 2004