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23 May 2004

For this they skinned a sheep?

Phil Libin's brother Mark just got his B.A. from Columbia, and while this is clearly an Important Milestone, Phil thinks the impact is lessened by the physical appearance of the actual diploma, which, he says, looks like "the university seems to have merely cut-n-pasted his name into nonsense baby-talk stolen from a template."

Worse than that: it's in ALL CAPS.

I never was a big fan of those ornate Teutonic fonts in which maybe twelve or thirteen letters out of twenty-six were easily distinguishable, and Columbia deserves credit for going to a more modern typeface, but still it's in ALL CAPS.

And with that more modern typeface, an affectation is revealed: a reversion to the Latin V instead of U, reminding you of those earliest days of Columbia when it was still part of the Roman Empire. The top of the diploma reads CVRATORES VNIVERSITATIS COLVMBIAE, which, as we approach 2800 A.U.C., strikes me as, in the immortal words of Swiftus, "Nuts. N-V-T-S, nuts."

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What if your degree isn't for something lofty like Archaeology or Latin Studies or whatever? I think maybe computer degrees should be written in 13375P33K. Impress your target, right?

KUR470R3Z Y00|\|iV3R5i747iZ K0LU|\/|Bi43 least it's not *all* caps..

Posted by: Terkish Payne at 4:39 PM on 24 May 2004