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25 May 2004

It's time to play Map That Route

World Tour '04 begins around 5 July, and unlike its predecessors, it is not designed to land in New Jersey halfway through; it's not that I'm turning my back, or my trunk lid, on the Garden State, but this year I need to do something a little bit different.

There are basically two goals for the Tour this year: to see if Dave has been pulling my chain all these years about the Great MT North, and to avoid going through Denver at any cost. Neither of these should be especially difficult. I'm envisioning a straight shot into Nebraska, following the river into Wyoming, and then tacking along whatever diagonals I can find; the return trip will probably be I-94 east to Fargo and I-29 south to KC, lest the kids feel neglected.

This will fill in a minimum of five states on my Already Visited map, leaving only nine or so to go; I could probably manage one or two more, but given the price of fuel these days, I'd just as soon not flirt with penury any more than is absolutely necessary.

(Update, 7:45 pm: Susanna Cornett [be still, my heart] is making noises about a road trip, though our paths likely won't cross. You'd think she'd at least want to see a city whose mayor is named Cornett. [Okay, that's still enough. Sheesh.])

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I spend WAY too much time developing web sites. I read "the great MT North" as "the great Movable Type North."

Posted by: Dan at 10:10 AM on 25 May 2004

Charles! COME ON DOWN! Er...UP, actually. You will include Great Falls on your route, yes? There's a great steak dinner in it for you.

And I hear you can get 2.9% financing on every gasoline purchase between now and Independence Day at participating Conoco stations.

Posted by: David at 7:44 PM on 25 May 2004

What, you don't have an El Chico up there? :)

Posted by: CGHill at 5:56 PM on 26 May 2004

Sigh. Sadly, no. We were just talking about that last week, in fact...we figure a nice, relatively "upscale" El Chico's could corner the market up here.

Damn, I miss their chips & sauce. And fajitas. Nobody makes fajitas like El Chico's.

Posted by: David at 9:42 PM on 26 May 2004