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27 May 2004

Blog vs. Blog

One thing about Joe Scarborough: his tastes are eclectic. Consider this list of his favorite blogs:

SCARBOROUGH COUNTRY's favorite blogs include and Gawker, of course, InstaPundit, Dawn Patrol, AndrewSullivan, and the ArmedProphet.

A diverse bunch indeed; in fact, you can't get much different than Wonkette and the Dawn Patrol. Which means it's time for another Contrast and Compare session.

   Wonkette:  Attractive young woman, relatively height-challenged
   The Dawn Patrol:  Attractive young woman, relatively height-challenged

Media mogul who pays the bills:
   Wonkette:  Nick Denton
   The Dawn Patrol:  Rupert Murdoch

TTLB Ecosystem standing:
   Wonkette:  Playful Primate
   The Dawn Patrol:  Flappy Bird

Number of posts weekly:
   Wonkette:  20-25
   The Dawn Patrol:  10-15

References to C. S. Lewis:
   Wonkette:  None
   The Dawn Patrol:  Occasional

Number of penis jokes:
   Wonkette:  Approaching infinity
   The Dawn Patrol:  One

Times I read daily:
   Wonkette:  Twice
   The Dawn Patrol:  Twice

I could go on, but obviously I have.

Posted at 7:46 AM to Blogorrhea

I love it! Thank you so much. My favorite part is the number of times you read me a day. I think I have you beat, though--when I'm at work, I check about six times a day. But then, you update much more frequently than I do.

I'm afraid to ask, but what was my penis joke?

Posted by: Dawn Eden at 10:58 AM on 27 May 2004

It is perhaps stretching a point, so to speak, to call it a joke, but I'm thinking specifically of your brief Blog War with Phil Dennison, in which you adapted "We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It" to point out some, um, phallacy. (Even Phil liked that one.)

Posted by: CGHill at 11:19 AM on 27 May 2004

Ah, I remember now! I appreciate the delicate way in which you brought it to mind. Thank you. Dare I say, I think I still trump Wonkette in terms of doody jokes.

Posted by: Dawn Eden at 1:00 PM on 27 May 2004