The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

3 June 2004

That's how this business goes

Once again, you know the words:

I am the morning DJ at WOLD
Playing all the hits for you, wherever you may be
The bright good-morning voice who's heard but never seen
Feeling all of 45, going on 15

Actually, Harry Chapin placed this station in Boise, Idaho, where stations whose call letters start with W are conspicuous by their absence, but no matter: the real WOLD, a daytimer in Marion, Virginia on 1330 kHz, has, according to, gone silent pending a sale.

WOLD-FM (102.5 MHz) continues.

Posted at 6:21 AM to Overmodulation

I heard that song SO many times in Boise as a kid. I suspect rhymes-with-Idaho was an easier prospect for the songster than rhymes-with-Marion.

Chapin - another one of those bright lights of that era extinguished in a plane crash, like Ronnie van Zant and the Gaines from Lynrd Skynrd, and baseball legend Roberto Clemente....

Posted by: herne's heir at 9:05 AM on 4 June 2004

I got to see Chapin in concert the year before he did. Great show.

Posted by: unimpressed at 3:59 PM on 4 June 2004