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7 June 2004

Thank you for calling City Futilities

About 3,000 Oklahoma City utility customers got an unpleasant surprise this month in their water/sewer/garbage bills: $581.84 listed as "Balance In Dispute." I got the impression, talking to the harried but sort-of-smiling clerk, that 2,900 or so of them had called in today to complain.

She did say that it was safe to ignore it, but if I went ahead and paid it, they wouldn't complain a whole lot. I suppose they wouldn't, inasmuch as $581.84 (it's the same amount on all the affected bills) is about a year's worth of service at this address.

(Update, 8 June, 4:50 pm: The City is now claiming 10,000 bills were so affected.)

Posted at 7:31 PM to City Scene

My water/sewer/garbage bill is almost always the same. When it isn't it is usually because someone goofed.

Remember when they only billed every two months because there wasn't enough of a balance to justify monthly billing? *sigh*

Posted by: ms7168 at 9:21 AM on 8 June 2004