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8 June 2004


The Cornerstone Baptist Church in Stafford, Virginia lacks something you'd think might be essential to a congregation of this denomination: a proper baptismal pool. Previously, they had been borrowing the facilities of other churches in the area. But Rev. Todd Pyle, ever-resourceful, hit upon a solution, and one with Biblical antecedent at that: hold baptisms in the Rappahannock River, at the Falmouth Waterfront Park.

Officials at the park were less than delighted, and tried to break up the ceremony, claiming it might be offensive to others using the park.

Perhaps surprised by the level of outrage their action generated — including objections from the Virginia-based Rutherford Institute and the state branch of the ACLU [link is to a Microsoft Word document] — park officials promised to reevaluate their policies. Meanwhile, Rev. Pyle is looking for another place to conduct the ceremony.

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Rev. Pyle must have missed the "Seperation of church and river" clause in the constitution...


Posted by: Myria at 8:05 AM on 8 June 2004

Apparently, so did I.

Posted by: McGehee at 11:42 AM on 8 June 2004

"Public place" vs. "Municipal place"

Compare and contrast.

Posted by: The Proprietor at 5:48 AM on 10 June 2004