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13 June 2004

Imagine the home version

Last night's Scary Dream posited the existence of a game show called Fisk This! Each of the three contestants was handed a 100-word paragraph on the State of the World, or something equally lofty and imposing, and then got 60 seconds to explain why everything in it was wrong.

Somehow I had been tapped to write source material for this series, a position I acquired after a brief dalliance with a twisted spinster. (Not the Twisted Spinster, I hasten to add.) And as jobs go, it wasn't too bad, until the season finale, when one of the contestants was the Twisted Spinster, who, rhetorically at least, not only tore me a new one but rerouted all the plumbing to take advantage of it. The producers of the show thought it would be amusing to bring me out in my tattered state, and there was at least one great emotional upheaval, and then the angels of mercy saw fit to drag me out of bed.

I refuse to read any more into this than I have to.

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That is way better than deleting trackbacks in lieu of Pepto Bismol. But I bet it didn't come with a nifty song and dance.

Heartburn, nausea, indigestion!
Upset stomach, diarrhea!
Hey! Pepto Bismol!

Why do I know that jingle?

Posted by: Erica at 6:22 AM on 14 June 2004