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15 June 2004

Cracking at the seams

It's not too common to close a road because of heat, but a stretch of Interstate 40 in Canadian County, near the Kilpatrick Turnpike, was shut down yesterday afternoon because of heat-induced pavement migration.

In other words, holes. Big ones.

I spotted the makings of something similar this morning on I-44: it was as though the concrete had pulled back from the expansion joint, leaving a substantial gap. This stretch of road being fairly bumpy at its best, not everyone is likely to notice, at least at first, though the wankers who fit their workaday sedans with twenty-inch wheels and 35-series tires are in for an increase in their daily ration of jaw-rattling jolts.

(Update, 8:20 pm: There's apparently another one, this time on Lincoln Blvd. near 36th Street. Since my Wednesday route home goes right through this intersection, I think it's time for Plan B.)

Posted at 7:23 AM to Soonerland

And it's *still* closed; (11 a.m.) tho they said yesterday it would only take 4-6 hours to fix it.

Posted by: wamprat at 11:17 AM on 15 June 2004

Wankers? Aren't you being a little harsh on those with just a poor taste in auto customization? I consider them no more than simple knuckleheads.

Or am I so out of touch with car slang that "wanker" is actually "bad".

Posted by: Mike at 3:01 PM on 15 June 2004

Increasing the wheel diameter a mere two inches, with a sidewall reduction to match, results in a much rockier ride without a concomitant improvement in handling; at the very least, the suspension will have to be seriously retuned, and your average wanker spent all his money on rims. (Keep in mind that many of these cars were designed for 15-inch or 16-inch wheels.) I persist in thinking that a change that doesn't actually improve the car's performance is a change not worth making. Of course, I'm not paying their bills, so there's no reason they need to listen to me.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:34 PM on 15 June 2004

Back in the mid sixties, I-35 through Oklahoma was limited to 75 Mph. Going North into Kansas the limit increased to 80, and the traffic slowed to 65, the roadway was so bad.


Posted by: Rich at 4:37 PM on 15 June 2004

Sounds like Kansas found a way to slow the traffic down without ticket quotas, and saved money on highway maintenance at the same time.

Here in Georgia, it almost seems poorly maintained roads with wide shoulders would be better than smooth, well-maintained roads with no shoudlers. I always find it very disconcerting when I'm driving along with three inches of pavement on one side and the very edge of the double-yellow on the other, and some nimrod comes whipping by in the other direction so close that the wind of his passing knocks my mirror out of kilter.

And that's in the parking lots. Don't even get me started on the actual roads.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:13 PM on 15 June 2004