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15 June 2004

Strapped for time

Lynn doesn't see anything wrong with guys wearing sandals, at least in a casual context. Fair enough, I suppose, since there are substantial periods of time when that's all I'm wearing, and you can't get much more casual than that.

Well, yeah, okay, there's the wristwatch. Big deal. It's a Casio and it's twenty-five years old. I've now spent more on batteries than I did buying the darn thing in the first place. And it keeps fairly lousy time, though I figure that most of mine is borrowed anyway.

What? No. No pictures. Go away.

Posted at 9:39 AM to Birthday Suitable

My Dad wears pricey leather sandals (with socks) the year round.

Posted by: ms7168 at 11:15 AM on 15 June 2004

I have a feeling that all those anti-sandal people are either Yankees or British. I'd like to see them try to spend a day in Oklahoma in July or August with their feet fully encased in leather with a layer of cotton, polyester or nylon in between. They'd be sandal converts before 2:00PM.

Posted by: Lynn S at 3:41 PM on 15 June 2004

Just don't make them wear socks with 'em, okay?

Posted by: CGHill at 4:00 PM on 15 June 2004

Noooooo! Sandals are pure evil!

Posted by: David at 9:38 PM on 15 June 2004

Regarding socks: I agree but read the comment posted by Lucas in response to my sandals post. Hilarious. Those Europeans! How can they expect us to take them seriously when they wear socks with sandals? ;-)

Posted by: Lynn S at 6:29 AM on 16 June 2004