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17 June 2004

For what it's worth

It's called Intrinsa, a name I expect to see inflicted upon a handful of poor, defenseless baby girls a couple of years from now, and it's a testosterone patch for women that, says manufacturer Procter & Gamble, improves sexual desire and satisfaction in women whose ovaries had been removed.

Geez. I don't have ovaries, for obvious reasons, and my libido is basically shot to hell. Hmmm.... True Blue Deb says that she's not familiar with the technical term "female sexual dysfunction," but:

I have lived through a period of Zero Desire. Getting off the Paxil straightened that right up though.

I suppose I could quit taking Paxil, but that would require me to start taking Paxil.

Inasmuch as I don't have a partner to disappoint, though, this is probably less of an issue than it could be.

Posted at 7:50 AM to Table for One

"Back away from the Paxil and no one gets hurt!"

Seriously, it's bad juju. One of my old bad docs put me on it when I tried to quit smoking and went into dark overlord of the bitches mode. It made me so nice and quiet, they kept me on it for two years. Then I found a new doc. lol

Posted by: Deb at 10:36 AM on 17 June 2004

She was quiet and soooo polite back then ....fell asleep durring movies too. Now all I do is duck and cover...take my B complex vitamins and drink plenty of fluids.

Posted by: Guy S. at 1:34 AM on 18 June 2004