The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

18 June 2004

No Olsens involved

"If you don't do something insane once in a while," I have always maintained, "you'll go crazy."

With this in mind, the following scenario may be coming soon to a chat room near you, or at least near me:

Rude Interloper: yea i bet ur just like all the others

Me [interrupting]: You're in no position to make any judgment calls about either of these women.

R.I.: is that so and how do u know did u go out with 1?

Me: With both of them, in fact.

R.I.: [speechless]

Me: Simultaneously, yet.

R.I.: no way there only half ur age

Me: Not yet, they're not.

(Note: This is not an actual chat transcript. If this had been an actual chat transcript, you would have long since abandoned this site and gone to read Fark or something.)

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