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19 June 2004

For your summer reading list

The Rabid Librarian (14 June, 11:27) lists four dozen bizarre but apparently genuine medical texts which are catalogued in the National Library of Medicine's PubMed database. Some of these just demand your attention:

  • Patterson R, Stewart-Patterson C.:  The well-made bed: an unappreciated public health risk.

  • Horseman RE.:  Medical treatment that sucks.

  • Go K.:  Constipation among operating room nurses: flatulence as evidence.

  • Osmun WE, Naugler C.:  The impact of hissy fits in primary care.

  • Wilhite M.:  Chronically dead persons.

  • Muntz HR.:  The use of silly putty as an ear plug.

Collect the whole set.

(Update, 20 June, 8:15 pm: Sya has links to some of the actual documents.)

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I stare at PubMed for hours at a time on most days and occasionally I come across some real weird papers. I looked at the first one you listed and the footnote nearly had me falling out of my chair:

"Next in the Public Health series on the Organic Household: Targeting bathroom congestion innovative uses for the kitchen sink. This article was not reviewed by the authors' wives before publication."

Posted by: sya at 3:28 PM on 19 June 2004