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19 June 2004

Saturday spottings (again)

Some of the things I saw around town today:

Bill Graves, one of the looser doorknobs in the Oklahoma House, is being term-limited out of a job, and Mrs Graves isn't going to be handed the District 84 seat on the proverbial silver platter: one Democrat and a fistful of Republicans are chasing this position. One of the GOP chasers is evident Greg Kihn fan Sally Kern, whose campaign signs bear the nonce word "KERNservative."

Also on the campaign trail is District 2 Commissioner Jack Cornett, no relation to OKC Mayor Mick Cornett or to your blogging Cornetts, whose reelection signs this year contain an actual line-drawing of a cornet. Let us hope this mnemonic notion does not occur to, say, Senate District 25 candidate Dennis Loudermilk.

At a stand inside the supermarket, a woman was handing out cans of C2, the new Coke that they hope won't be another New Coke. After twelve ounces of the stuff, I am prepared to say that it's okay as a diet Coke, but no match for the Real Thing™.

(Update, 4:30 pm, 20 June: Chris Lawrence, whom I trust implicitly in such matters, says that C2 probably makes a better mixer with vodka.)

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Over at Signifying Nothing, they have a C2 Review. I wanted to chime in with my feelings about the new Coca-Cola product also. First, for those who have been living under a rock, there's a low-carb craze sweeping the nation. C2 is Coke's answer. It......[read more]

Yep -- I've tried both C2 and Pepsi Edge this week -- and they're not as good as The Real Thing(s), but they are better than the diet versions of both.

Posted by: David at 8:52 PM on 19 June 2004

Tastes like Vanilla Coke without the Vanilla :) One expects an aftertaste that never happens.

Posted by: ms7168 at 7:33 AM on 20 June 2004

My thoughts were expressed more poetically than I could by ms7168. The mouth feel (term of art in the soda industry) is wrong, so even tho they got the flavor about right, the experience is wrong.

I suppose after a while I would stop guarding against the aftertaste, but if I decided to change my cola drinking habits (I prefer Royal Crown) for dieting reasons, I'd sooner just stop.

Posted by: triticale at 8:51 AM on 20 June 2004

At one time I sampled the Lemon Diet Coke, and it was the very model of mangled mouthfeel; it was exactly like your non-Ultra dishwashing liquids. (If you're wondering about my basis for comparison, consider that I was at one time a foul-mouthed little smartass.)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:16 AM on 20 June 2004

At one time, Charles...?

Posted by: David at 12:18 PM on 20 June 2004

Please note the word "little" in the previous comment.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:06 PM on 20 June 2004

What is the sweetener in C2? If it's corn syrup, I'll pass.

Er, I mean I won't drink it.

Posted by: McGehee at 5:32 PM on 20 June 2004