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22 June 2004

Alphabet soup for you

(Swiped from Dave.)

Act your age?  If I have to, I suppose.

Born on what day of the week?  Wednesday's child, full of woe (full of something, anyway).

Chore you hate?  Washing dishes; fortunately, there aren't many.

Dad's name?  Ged. Not with a J, but with a G. And a hard G at that.

Essential makeup item?  Does sunscreen count?

Favorite actor?  The late Gene Kelly.

Gold or silver?  Gimme silver.

Hometown?  Born in Illinois, grew up in South Carolina, wound up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Instruments you play?  I can pick out something vaguely tunelike on most piano-type keyboards.

Job title?  "System Operator and General Flunky." Okay, forget the "general."

Kids?  Two. (Gender division: one of each.)

Living arrangements?  I own my own home, or at least the 1/200th of it that's paid for.

Mom's name?  Bette. Not with a Y, but with an E.

Need?  A knee operation, and a functioning oil well to pay for it.

Overnight hospital stays?  2000, when my blood pressure dropped off the scale and random pains came in to fill the gap.

Phobias?  Certainly claustro.

Quote you like?  See "It is written" (left column, main page) for sample.

Religious affiliation?  Deist with vaguely-Christian leanings.

Siblings?  Four: two boys, who survive, and two girls, who don't.

Time you wake up?  5:55 am on weekdays, though it usually takes me to 6:01 to bestir myself. Weekends are anyone's guess.

Unique talent?  You're soaking in it.

Vegetable you refuse to eat?  Zucchini. Deal with it.

Worst habit?  Like I have good ones?

X-rays you've had?  Mostly dental, with the occasional chestal.

Yummy food you make?  I am a genuinely lousy cook.

Zodiac Sign?  Sagittarius, who never believed in those things anyway.

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Ah! Gene Kelly! For some reason, I overlooked him when pondering my Favorites. He is definitely in my Top Five or so. To my mind, he was what Fred Astaire would have been if Fred Astaire had been, you know...masculine and handsome.

Posted by: David at 8:48 PM on 22 June 2004