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26 June 2004

Saturday spottings (once more)

Just driving around town doesn't mean anything unless you see something, after all.

Last Monday, IBC Bank completed its acquisition of what used to be Local Oklahoma Bank, and they wasted no time pinning up temporary signage at the local facilities. This was the first time that I'd noticed the IBC logo, which contains the usual outline of the 48 states — and right below it, an outline of los Estados Unidos Mexicanos. So far as I can tell, IBC doesn't actually have any branches in Mexico, but the location of its headquarters — Laredo, Texas is not only right on the border, but it's the southern terminus of Interstate 35, known informally as the NAFTA Highway — hints that they'd love to tap into the burgeoning Latino market. And by no coincidence, that's what we have here.

Habitat for Humanity has completed and sold the two houses they built in East Heritage Hills, and I wandered by today to see the results. I was properly impressed: it will be a while before these structures start to appear weathered, but stylewise, they fit in nicely with the smaller Craftsman homes that dominate that strip between Broadway and Robinson.

Conventional wisdom, seldom all that wise these days, holds that women pick out their vehicles on the basis of space and reliability; men have the need for speed. Anyone who's ever seen She Who Is Not To Be Named pushing a sandal to the floorboard should know better than that, but the stereotype somehow persists. As has been my wont of late, I struck up a conversation with a woman at the supermarket; she drives a '99 Mazda Millenia, and yes, it has the brand's traditional aversion to repair shops, but what she most appreciated about it, she said, was the little supercharged V-6's ability to put her in front of anything that wouldn't move out of the way while she was trying to merge onto the freeway. And until such time as ODOT rids us of the last of these two-car-length on-ramps, there's absolutely no substitute for good old Zoom Zoom.

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I was just in the vicinity of East Heritage Hill today. If I had known about the project I would have stopped by.

Space, reliability, and speed . . . I'm a Tahoe Girl myself. Nothing like a big hunk of metal sporting a V8 to assist in those difficult merges.

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